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Why hire a home inspector?

The role of a home inspector is to identify defects and problems that are visible and detectable at the time of the inspection.  Home inspectors are certainly not specialists, but because of their knowledge and experience, they have developed reflexes and techniques that allow them to identify deficiencies that an ordinary citizen may not see.

How to choose a pre-purchase building inspector?

If you are about to purchase your new home, you should strongly consider hiring a home inspector for a pre-purchase inspection. Indeed, the purchase of a property is an important financial decision, it is therefore essential to have the advice of a professional in order to make the right decision and protect yourself from any unexpected expenses.

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Buying a property in Quebec in 10 steps

You will need to familiarize yourself with all the borrowing options. This means finding the property of your dreams, signing a promise to purchase with the seller, complying with the conditions of the offer to purchase and going to the notary. Every real estate transaction is done with this in mind. But that's not all! You can buy a house in Quebec by following a few major steps followed by additional steps.

7 Tips to Choose a Home Inspector in Montreal

What are you looking for in a home inspector? Is it reliability? Knowledge of the latest regulations? The ability to offer advice on how to maintain your home? It is important that you know what qualities are most important to you. Some people only care about price, while others want someone available when they need them.


Condo Inspection: 10 points that you have to acknowledge

Home inspectors walk around the property looking for potential issues that an interested buyer may want to know about the property. The condo inspection will allow all parties involved in the transaction to learn of any vital safety or repair issues affecting the condo.

Who is a Building Inspector?

A building inspector is employed by a township or city and reviews buildings to make sure they are safe for use. The establishment inspected could be a newly-built or remodeling project. It can also be a prospective real estate acquisition that needs scrutiny.


Everything you need to know about the maintenance book

One of the most important tasks of a syndicate of co-ownership is to ensure the maintenance of the building. This mainly involves carrying out maintenance work which must be recorded in an official document - the condominium maintenance book. It is a document relating to the building which can be handed over when the co-ownership changes. 

What are the steps to inspect a parking deck?

Following the collapse of certain parking lots in Quebec, notably in 2005, 2008 and 2009, Law 122 concerning the inspection of parking lots was introduced. This inspection is a task carried out by expert engineers; and it takes into account a certain number of well-defined steps. It should be noted that following the various accidents that have already occurred, the Quebec authorities are meticulous about the application of law 122. 

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Contingency funds under the new Law 16

In order to prevent possible damage to the common constructions, the new Law 16 modifies the Quebec Civil Code, by subjecting the co-owners to the obligation to obtain a study of the contingency fund. This fund must be sufficient to pay for major repairs or replacements of the common areas. More details on the law 16 contingency fund in this article.

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