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Everything you need to know about the maintenance book

One of the most important tasks of a syndicate of co-ownership is to ensure the maintenance of the building. This mainly involves carrying out maintenance work which must be recorded in an official document - the condominium maintenance book. It is a document relating to the building which can be handed over when the co-ownership changes.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the condominium maintenance book.


What is a condominium maintenance book?


The maintenance book records the life of the building since its construction. It includes the technical characteristics of the construction of the building. As well as all the maintenance, contracts, insurances and guarantees. It is included in the asset management plan which foresees all future works. This document is mandatory and must be established by the syndicate of co-ownership. The syndicate is responsible for updating the document. If there are no problems with some buildings, it is possible to create a maintenance booklet for a few buildings, but there will need to have a chapter for each building.


What is the purpose of a condominium maintenance book?


A well kept maintenance book reflects the investment of the board members in the management and administration of the building. And it is an important asset for the resale of a condominium. During the life of a housing association, management changes frequently. The maintenance book is therefore a guide for monitoring and planning at any time during the period of common ownership.


The building maintenance book keeps track of the co-op's status in relation to legal and contractual obligations and is a real tool for stability over the years.  Without this document, you cannot always be sure that transferring information from the old to the new management is correct. Keeping a logbook is part of a security measure to ensure business continuity, avoid interference or non-compliance with obligations which can jeopardize the proper management and even the safety of the building and its occupants.

What should a condominium maintenance logbook contain?

The maintenance book is a maintenance plan in the form of a spreadsheet. The list of works and interventions in the plan is detailed and includes a number of explanatory lines indicating the reasons for these works and interventions.


The maintenance logbook should contain all the information related to the description of the building: 


  • The history of the building

  • The year of construction and/or renovation of the building.

  • Building permit.

  • Technical description of the building (cadastre, architectural and engineering plans, various technical studies, etc.)

  • Date of completion of the main work on the building, if applicable.

  • Contact details and all documents relating to the company carrying out the work (plans, specifications, guarantees, etc.).

  • Date of approval of the common parts and equipment by the owners' committee.

  • List of the common areas of the building, indicating their surface area or volume.

  • Any other information and documentation also included in the building maintenance manual.

  • Warranty contracts for equipment and other systems.

  • Maintenance plan with history and follow-up.

  • Contracts for equipment maintenance and repair, with timelines.

  • Maintenance manuals for building equipment.


An essential tool for defining asset management policies


It allows the preparation of a work plan defining the building's asset management policy, including prioritization and initiation of major maintenance and repair activities. Professionals hired to conduct a Certificate of State of Property will have the opportunity to know the history of the building and all the information needed to understand its exact condition. 


In fact, the CSP study is an important step in ensuring the longevity of the building. The maintenance manual will allow outsiders to understand the maintenance policies established by the management. In the longer term, it will have a positive impact on all costs, including insurance costs. In the absence of a maintenance manual, a labor-intensive survey is needed. This would require a full history of the building.

Trustee's liability for lack of a maintenance manual


The maintenance book is a legal obligation of the syndicate of co-ownership and needs to be updated. Failure to update the maintenance plan may result in the withdrawal of the syndicate for non-compliance. If a syndicate of co-ownership is found liable for failing to maintain and update a building maintenance record, it may be ordered to pay compensation to those affected.

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