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Mold and Asbestos


Mold can be anywhere - both in the new properties and in the old ones, regardless of the nature of the use of the property: residential, commercial, institutional, etc. Moisture caused by lack of ventilation or water leakage creates ideal conditions for mold growth. The only way to deal with mold is to determine where they are, what may cause them, how much damage they cause and how to clean them completely.


The professional service offered by VICAT CONSULTANTS consists first of all of performing an inspection in order to collect the samples which will be tested subsequently. The results of these tests and recommendations will be contained in a report that will be provided as a result of the inspection process.


Whether residential or commercial, the property you own or want to acquire is built between 1930 and 1980, it is very possible that it contains asbestos. This material, which has been banned in Quebec since February 1990, was widely used previously as thermal insulation and in finishes such as plaster, stucco, ceiling tiles, etc. Asbestos is a fibrous material and is harmful to health if it is handled or moved without prior protection. This is why, in the slightest doubt, it is strongly recommended to contact a specialist to carry out asbestos characterization tests, before any renovation, demolition or even before the purchase of your next property.


VICAT CONSULTANTS, has the necessary resources and equipment to carry out the tests in accordance with article 3.23.2 of the Safety Code for construction work. At the end of this evaluation, the experts of VICAT CONSULTANTS will be able to provide you all the essential information to help you in your choices.

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