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Bill 122 Inspection - RBQ

Law 122, which has been in force since March 2013, now requires building owners with facades of five or more storeys, to fo an inspection every five years. This inspection allows to detect conditions that may be deemed to be hazardous to public safety. This law also concerns the assessment of the physical condition of staged parking lots (two or more floors) which must also be free of defects that could compromise safety or contribute to the development of dangerous conditions. Following the inspection of facades or parking, a detailed report and a certificate of conformity must be issued by an engineer or an architect. This ensures that the building does not present any dangerous conditions and a copy is kept in it.

Facades inspections

The inspection carried out by VICAT CONSULTANTS follows a methodology based on the guide explaining the requirements of facades and the standards "ASTM E2270" and "ASTM E2841" which proposes methods and procedures of inspection of facades recognized and used in internationally.

As a result of inspecting the facades of your property, VICAT CONSULTANTS will be able to provide you with a report containing:

  • A detailed and comprehensive survey / analysis of the observed problems;

  • Recommendations on the problems encountered

  • Repair schedule depends on nature and severity (low, medium, high).


Multi-storey parking inspections 


Similar to the inspection of the facades, the parking inspection carried out by VICAT CONSULTANTS will allow the owner to have a general idea of ​​the current state of its parking and the corrective work to be done. This ensures the safety of the users and preserves the longevity of the structural elements of the parking.

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