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Maintenance Logbook  for Condominiums

There are a number of essential factors in ensuring the optimum management of a building. Among them, keeping a clear and comprehensive register, commonly known as a "Maintenance Book", plays a crucial role. This document details the history of work carried out and to be carried out on the building, while also listing current service contracts (upkeep, maintenance, management/administration, warranty and insurance).


At Vicat Consultants, we understand the importance of a well-designed maintenance booklet that meets the needs and expectations of condominium corporations. Our aim is to provide a valuable tool that enables managers to constantly monitor the progress of work carried out and planned. Here's what our comprehensive maintenance log includes:


  • Condominium information: We gather all relevant information about the condominium, whether it's a vertical or horizontal structure. This includes details of the building itself, its configuration, its common facilities, and any other information essential to the management of the building.

  • Syndicate information: We collect data relating to the syndicate in office, as well as any management company involved. This section provides a clear overview of the people responsible for managing the condominium.

  • List of documents and technical studies: We draw up a complete list of documents held by the syndicate, such as plans, specifications, technical studies and inspection reports. This provides a centralized reference point for all information essential to building management.

Current service contracts

We list all service contracts currently in force, such as service, maintenance, management/administration, warranty and insurance contracts. This facilitates the management and monitoring of these contracts, ensuring that they are regularly evaluated and renewed where necessary.


Five-year maintenance schedule

We draw up a detailed schedule of planned maintenance work over a five-year period. This schedule provides a clear view of the tasks to be carried out and enables them to be organized efficiently, so as to keep the building in excellent condition over the long term.


Monthly maintenance register

We also offer a monthly maintenance register, which records all maintenance operations carried out on the building. This includes repairs, emergency interventions, inspection visits, and all other actions related to the preservation and improvement of the condominium.


When you choose Vicat Consultants to draw up your maintenance booklet, you benefit from a comprehensive, customized tool tailored to the specific needs of your condominium. Our team of experts works closely with you to gather all relevant information and ensure that the maintenance booklet meets your specific needs. We take into account the unique characteristics of your building, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as your long-term objectives.


A detailed, up-to-date maintenance logbook cannot be overestimated. It offers numerous advantages for the management of your co-ownership:


  • Precise tracking of work: The maintenance book keeps track of all work carried out on the building. This includes repairs, renovations, improvements and any other type of intervention. This gives you a clear picture of the building's evolution over time.

  • Strategic planning: Thanks to the five-year maintenance schedule, you can anticipate future work and draw up action plans accordingly. This enables you to anticipate costs, reserve the necessary resources and avoid financial surprises.

  • Efficient contract management: By listing all current service contracts, you have a complete overview of your contractual obligations. This makes it easier to manage these contracts, monitor due dates and make informed decisions regarding their renewal or termination.

  • Maintaining building value: Regular, adequate maintenance is essential to preserving the value of your building. The maintenance booklet allows you to ensure that all necessary work is carried out in a timely manner, helping to maintain the quality and attractiveness of your condominium.

  • Transparency and communication: The maintenance booklet is a valuable reference for co-owners, board members and professionals involved in building management. It facilitates communication, promotes transparency and helps set clear expectations in terms of maintenance and management.


At Vicat Consultants, we are committed to providing superior services to help you manage your condominium effectively. Our expertise and personalized approach enable us to offer you a complete, clear and easy-to-use maintenance booklet.


Don't leave the management of your building to chance. Contact us today to find out how our maintenance booklet can help you keep your condominium in top condition and optimize its long-term value. 


Trust Vicat Consultants to manage your co-ownership smoothly and efficiently.

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