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Building Inspection 

Building inspection services offered by VICAT CONSULTANTS include residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. In addition, reports are prepared in formats accepted by most banks and financial institutions across Quebec and Canada.

Pre-Purchase Inspection (BUYER)


The purchase of a property is an important decision and represents a very substantial investment. It is therefore important that the buyer be well imbued with the general condition of the building he wishes to buy so that he can make an informed decision based on the current condition of the property.

The Pre-Purchase Inspection conducted by VICAT CONSULTANTS is strictly visual and covers all components that make up the building:

  • Structure

  • Roofing 

  • Coating and Exterior

  • Electricity

  • Mechanical Systems (heating, air conditioning and ventilation)

  • Plumbing 

  • Interior system

A detailed report is then presented to the buyer as a result of the inspection. This report highlights all the problems of the building inspected and provide solutions and recommendations. An estimate of the cost of repairs or replacement is also included in the report provided by VICAT CONSULTANTS.

Pre-Sale Inspection (SELLER)


A Pre-Sale Inspection allows the seller (owner) to identify areas of concern prior to sale. This information can be used to estimate a sale price at fair market value. It also gives the seller the necessary information to solve any problem that will increase the value or the opportunity of the property.

As with pre-purchase inspection, a detailed report will be provided to the vendor following the site visit.

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