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Construction project management 

With the experience accumulated over the past few years, VICAT CONSULTANTS will be able to manage and monitor your interior and exterior works. Whether for exterior cladding repair projects following a facade inspection or for an interior renovation project following a notice of upgrades, our professionals make sure to coordinate and supervise everything from start to finish . Depending on the projects, the services provided by VICAT CONSULTANTS may be different but generally include the following points:

  • Collection of information on the project ;

  • Analysis and distribution of work to be carried out ;​

  • Supervision and verification of works according to:

    • Contract documents

    • Plans and specifications

    • Standards and rules in force

  • Technical support during works ;​

  • Monitoring of schedule and budget ;

  • Drafting of monitoring report;

  • Management and follow-up of unexpected and change requests;

  • Coordination of all stakeholders involved in the project;

  • Issuance of a completion and compliance certificate at the end of the work;

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